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 Heritage Sales & Appraisals is a business which specializes in assisting individuals with the sale of their personal items. If you are caring for an estate that has been left to you, moving into a retirement community, downsizing, moving due to corporate relocation, going through a divorce, or placed in any situation where you need to sell your belongings, we are here to help you make the right decisions. We are pleased to outline here  some of the qualifications of Heritage Sales and Appraisals, Inc. in the hopes we may be of help to people when deciding how to dispose of their personal property.

Heritage Sales and Appraisals, Inc. has been in business since 1981 and has a solid reputation for the quality of our sales.  Katherine Cutlip, our primary appraiser, is a member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) and Renis Paton, the founder, is a retired member of the ISA. The ISA is a professional appraisers’ organization, which requires high standards of education, testing and knowledge of appraisal practices. We are confident of our ability to recognize and value both fine antiques and more common household property.

We also conduct many Appraisals each year including: Estate, Insurance, Divorce, Division of Property, Donation and other kinds of appraisals. Our clients include Individuals, Attorneys, and Bank Trust 

Departments, including SunTrust Bank, Bank of America, and Wachovia. We also perform Sales and Appraisals in retirement homes such as The Mayflower and Winter Park Towers. We will be glad to provide references upon request.

Our Estate Sale service offers the flexibility of staging your items within the home, pricing the items at fair 

market value, and working to sell the items to prospective buyers over the course of the sale. We are uniquely qualified to price your items since we are also highly experienced and accredited personal property appraisers.

We will aggressively advertise your sale by using our webpage, extensive email sale notification list, as well as local newspapers and companion websites to make certain that your sale gets maximum exposure. We have a very organized process to make certain that 

prospective buyers get an opportunity to view items for sale while respecting the sanctity of your home.

*Please be sure to speak to us before you throw any items away, even if you think they are worthless. Items that appear to be of little or no value may actually have substantial value. Our knowledge and expertise will ensure that anything worth selling will have the opportunity to be sold.


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